The adventure is going to begin in Ori, the capital of the Empire, seat of the Empress. It is a large metropolitan center and parts of it are incredibly ancient.

The adventure will take us beyond the city and out into Arkoa. There are a few places that I do not want you to write your characters origin story around. Those would be:

The Neck, which is a hub of overland trade between the north and south forested areas in the west.

Jatear, which on an isthmus in the great bay where Ori is also located. It is a cultural center.

Firstlight, which is the westernmost city in Arkoa, in the hot and humid jungles.

Dragon’s Den, which is a mining settlement high in the Dragontooth Mountains.

You can use any other city in the empire as your home town, or just claim you are from Ori, a small hamlet or raised by wolves. I am leaving you ample opportunity to put your mark on the world.


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