13th Age’s setting has a detailed history, I am just going to give a rough guide so that you can fill in any blanks you want with your character’s history if need be.

The 1st Epoch
The planes shifted and brought forth the world and all on it. Dragons were the first to settle and soon they made their spawn. The influence of closer plains soon also brought others, such as the devilish fey (Goblin-kin) and other hominids.

The first Epoch was mostly the settling of Arkoa and the races finding their place in the world. City states formed but it was not to last. The 1st Epoch ended with the Cataclysm.

An object fell from the heavens wiping out half the population and darkening the sky for twenty years.

The 2nd Epoch
The races soon rebounded and with more vigor. They began to form kingdoms, mostly along racial lines and territories. This Epoch lasted for 4,000 years and was marked by century long wars.

It was said the gods grew tired of the constant war so they brought about the Incursion. The planes of elemental chaos spilled out onto Arkoa. Outsiders spilled onto Arkoa, fiends and elementals vied for control of Arkoa. It was only through unity that they were pushed back and their planes resealed. This was the founding of the Empire.

The 3rd Epoch
The founding of the Empire marked the beginning of this Epoch which is the current Epoch. It began 2311 years ago, making this 2310 E3.

The Empress is a direct descendent of the first Emperor, Pels De’Leir, an Alanorian. She rules all of Arkoa other than the uncivilized Goblin-kin, Orcs and the Gripplis. She is well liked among her subjects but is not yet married as she is only 17 years old.

Tragedy has yet to strike this Epoch.


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