Usander: God of light and life. Served by the morally just and pure. Cardinal Tasius L’Drec serves at the main temple in Ori and is the most powerful of the followers of Usander. All priests and priestesses must be virgins and other wise pure of heart. Those entering the Inner Sanctum of Usander that are impure have been struck down, their souls released to the underworld.

Beatta: Goddess of love, mercy and the hearth. High Priestess Sesra Balset serves at the main temple in Ori and is the most powerful of the followers of Beatta. Beatta has a duality about her, she is the goddess of love, but she is also the goddess of the hearth and mercy. When she is represented as the goddess of the hearth and mercy, she is dressed in an apron and cooking a meal for the weary. However when she is representing her love aspect she is often depicted in misogynistic poses, it is important to note, she is associated with brothels. She does little to change this blurred perception of love versus lust, neither do her priestesses, who themselves are likely to be former prostitutes.

Nueka the Druidess: The high druid, protector of the natural world. When a new high druid comes into being all druids can feel the change and know the name. Nueka is now over 400 years old and is said to be part of a willow tree, but no one knows where she is. She speaks to druids through the use of the plants and animals around them.

Jadorea, the Vixen: Some say that she is a spirit that inhabits women who commit crimes at night, others say she is a master thief cursed to eternal life and unending greed. Jadorea is a shadowy figure and very few details are known about her, she is considered to be evil by most and some have vowed to end her if she is ever found. The organization called The Foxes models itself after her, it is also very secretive.

Palamir: God of death and the underworld. Lord Cevre Alosa serves at the main temple in Ori and is the most powerful of the followers of Palamir. It is believed that Palamir is vital to the world, ushering souls into their next life, or giving them a much needed rest in the underworld. He is seen as ambivalent to the living, focusing instead on the dead. Temples of Palamir are often home to crypts and graveyards.

Ronoak: The eternal warrior. Ronoak is a title placed on the most powerful warrior in all of Aeosteasia, each year the Coliseum at Ori is full of hopeful men and women that put their strength and tactics to the test over a period of a week. The competition also involves military exercises and on some years naval battles. At the end of the contest Ronoak is declared and put in command of the Empresses’ Army. Most Ronoak only last for a handful of years, though the original name sake served the Empire for fifty years, they are often replaced by someone younger and stronger. Once defeated in the Coliseum a Ronoak is demoted to a General or Admiral, and receives a small stipend of land for his or her service.

The Empress: The 77th- ruler of the Empire, Her Royal Highness, The Empress Sonjia De’Leir. She is the most powerful woman in the world because she controls the people of the world. Even the Archmage and Necromancer fear her reach, not even they could stand alone against her armies. The Empress is fairly new, this is only her sixth year, her father having passed the crown to her on his deathbed.

The Archmage: The most powerful mage in all the lands. He is constantly pulling at the fibers of creation and monitoring the goings on in regards to magic. He is named Gurdan, and his location is in some sort of pocket universe most of the time. He typically only leaves his hideaway only to deal with magical disturbances. That is not to say that he doesn’t meddle in the affairs of the world, he spends most of his time pushing his agenda and experimenting with the magical arts.

The Necromancer: The one most loathed by Palamir, the Necromancer has found a way to bring bodies back to life without their souls, this causes issue for Palamir because the soul is not allowed to rest but instead walks the path between death and birth until the body rests once more. The Necromancer has many followers, even volunteers who want their souls to be sacrificed so the Necromancer can be better served. The Necromancer is illusive, and the attempts made by the Archmage and the Empress have been merely snatching at his coat tails. The Necromancer has twisted his own body and soul allowing himself eternal life, his name has been forgotten over the ages.

These are not icons, they are the guardians of the world. If you wish to take one as your Icon you will need a good reason and you will need to realize they will not have a very big impact for you in the game. You would be better off taking the Druidess. I am including them here because they are important to the setting.

The protectors can speak, and know all languages. They are immortal and they are enormous. Smaller versions of them do exist in the world. Very few have met a protector and lived to tell the tale.

The Dragon: Protector of the Mountains and all that lies below them.

The Griffin: Protector of the Plains.

The Roc: Protector of the Deserts.

The Kraken: Protector of the Sea.

The Fenrir: Protector of the Forests.

The Hydra: Protector of the Swamps.


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